Tron Dapps

Tron was set up by tech entrepreneur Justin Sun in October 2017 as an Ethereum ERC20 token and launched its own mainnet in May 2018. The Tron network offers high speed and low transaction costs and has rapidly become one of the most widely used blockchains with a focus on gaming and gambling dapps. 

In July 2018 the Tron Foundation finalised its purchase of the peer to peer file sharing protocol Bittorrent and launched the Bittorrent token via a Binance IEO in February 2019 incorporating the token into the platform to incentivize users to upload content. 

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Latest Dapps

Seedit Bot Logo
SeeditSeedit is a payment bot for Telegram and Twitter enabling …
Betfury Logo
BetfuryGaming platform offering a variety of blockchain based games
Good Luck Casino Logo
Good Luck CasinoMulit currency casino accepting Tron, Eth & Btc
Solo Link Logo
SololinkDecentralized bonus gaming platform on the tron blockchain
Tron Hives logo
TronHivesIdle game simulating the economic model of a beehive
TronGo Logo
TrongoGambling dapp with dice and slot games
Tiger Vs Dragon Logo
Tiger Vs DragonGambling game where users bet on the highest card
Tronbomb Logo
TronbombDecentralised gambling dapp on Tron.
TronUpDecentralised gambling platform where users mine UP Tokens.
Enme Logo
EnmeMulti chain gambling dapp covering Tron, Iost and Eos.
Frag Raffle Logo
Frag RaffleGambling dapp with a mix of lottery, dice and idle …
7Tron Logo
7TronDecentralised gambling dapp with a range of games
Zethyr Exchange Logo
Zethyr ExchangeDecentralised exchange offering weekly dividends to users.
Blocklords Logo
BlocklordsStrategy game where players create heroes, amass items, trade for …
Traps1st Multi-PVP game on the tron network, players compete to …
TronGoo Logo
TrongooIdle game where players produce goo to earn TRX
TronjackGambling Dapp with basic slots and dice games
Tron BirdsCollectibles game hatching and breeding crypto birds.
Playroyal logo
Play RoyalDigital cryptocurrency casino, exchange, and gaming platform.
Moolah Bet
MoolahGambling dapp mining deflationary token UPDC.
Dragon7 Logo
Dragon7Classic casino games with daily dividend distribution to miners.
Planet Boom Logo
Planet BoomFun gambling Dapp from the makers of Eggies World.
Bankroll Logo
BankrollSocial gambling Dapp offering daily dividends for token holders.
Rocketgame logo
RocketgameGambling Dapp offering player v player and traditional casino games.
Wink Logo
WinkLargest and most popular decentralised gambling dapp.  
TrontopiaOpen source gambling dapp where players mine topia.
Eggies World
Eggies WorldBattle royale style game where users hatch and train eggs.
Tronwallet Logo
TronwalletWallet and exchange for Tron Tokens.
BitTorrent Logo
BittorrentLargest decentralised application in the world enabling peer to peer …
Blockchain Cuties logo
Blockchain CutiesBlockchain Cuties is a new collectible crypto game with adventures …
Blaze Economy logo
Blaze EconomyBlaze Economy is a platform of interconnected games and features. …
Tronwatch Market
Tronwatch MarketTronwatch Market is a decentralized exchange on the Tron Blockchain. …
TronTradeTronTrade is a decentralized exchange where you can buy and …
SplinterlandsSplinterlands is a decentralized collectible card game built on blockchain …
TRX Market Logo
TRXMarketTRXMarket is the first decentralized exchange based on TRON network …
TronVegas logo
TronVegasTronVegas mission is to become the largest and fast- growing …
888 Tron Logo
888TronProvably fair gaming platform based on TRON smart contracts